The Sydney Woodcarving Group

Group† Projects VI

As our Document project was so successful last year we decided we would do the same project this year so we present The 2014 Document Box Project involving all four groups within the SWG framework: Chester Hill, Epping, Shellharbour and Southside. Each box is capable of holding a number of A4 documents. Each side and the top of each box is carved prior to being expertly put together, each box having a different theme; Nautical, Gumnuts and Leaves† Celtic and Flora. These boxes were raffled individually at the Sydney TWWWS in July 2014 and events leading up to this.

Group Projects have been a favourite of the Sydney Woodcarving Group for many years now and on the preceding and following pages you can see the outcome of all our efforts.


Chester Hill - Nautical Theme

Won by Nick Costas of Bexley North, Ticket # 0918

Southside Group - Flora Theme
Won by Maree Higgins - Ticket # 1383

Shellharbour Group - Celtic Theme

Won by Susan Kemplay of Cambridge Hill Park, Ticket # 1635

Epping Group - Gumnuts and Leaves

Won by Uta Mahoney of Winston Hills, Ticket # 1765 c


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